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CBR's Qualitative research

Since 1980, CBR has been conducting numerous Qualitative research and accumulated achievements and know- how for further quality enhancement. Consumers tend to be less biased when researched by a third party, and thus such research has higher chance in collecting test results that reveal true intentions or new findings. Not many consumers are able to openly express their true intentions before related parties. Trust CBR for research and analysis that reflects the true insights of consumers.

Total Support from Planning, Development, Interview to Analysis

One or two researchers will be in charge of a research and be responsible from the initial consultation to the delivery of final data. Risk of internal miscommunication is avoided by this system of limiting the numbers of staffs per research. Research consultation is also available on demand. By taking part from the planning stage, effective recruiting, flawless interviews, and analysis will be feasible. CBR will propose plans based on your budget and schedule. Feel free to contact us.

Intense Recruiting Control

By combining Web monitoring, snowball sampling, and help of respondents registered at CBR, we select the ideal respondents based on research objectives, number of required respondents and conditions. Those feeling insecure in selecting respondents from a Website registrant, or have previously failed in sampling respondents can try choosing only snowball sampling. Respondents are first filtered by a telephone confirmation done by CBR to ensure only the highest level of respondents. To make sure there are no absences, substitute respondents could also be arranged on demand.

Skilled Moderators at Your Service

Interviews are constructed to be respondent-friendly, and to pose accurate questions that meets research objectives. Both researchers and Moderators will work as a team to consult inquiries. Feel free to consult us on any worries concerning interview flows and structures.

Strong Supporting System

CBR will take care of all complex research related arrangements such as booking interview halls, secretaries, transportation, meals and beverage service, interpreters, baby sitters, audio-visuals, and presentation materials. Materials for photo sorting are also available.

Arrangement of Pre/Post-Research Assignments and Short Questionnaires

Pre/Post-research assignments, journals could be arranged based on request. Short questionnaires are also able be implemented on the day of research.

Accurate and Reliable Research

In order to ensure flawless research, researchers (or assistants) with thorough understanding of the research will assist you from start to the final stage including welcoming and guiding respondents to interview halls, setting up of research materials, preparations of equipments, recording, and distribution of fees to participants.

Accurate Transcripts

To guarantee that every voice of respondents is clearly understood, a complete Transcripts will be delivered to clients.

On-demand Tailored Reporting

Style, volume, timing of delivery - all reports will be tailored according to your demand.

Nationwide Research

Research could be conducted in all venues nationwide in Japan.

Ideal Facility for Qualitative research

Our private Interview room located at Shinjuku Gyoenmae.


Combining Qualitative research and Quantitative research

Researchers specializing in each research will help to combine various tests for the best efficiency.

Express Estimation

Feel free to consult us for estimation. No excessive sales after estimation.



Qualitative researched products/service


Beauty care product

Hair care (Shampoo/Hair coloring)


Facial cleanser

Seasonal gifts

Food product

Confectionary (chocolates, snacks)


Contact lens


Soft drink

Energy drink

FMCG (Detergent/Fabric softener/Deodorant)

Internet related products, service (including usability tests)



Baby care product


Education related

and more

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