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Overall Flow

Below is a sample schedule of a Qualitative research from the initial stage of consultation, interview, to reporting. Please note that actual flow may differ according to research content and timeframe.



On contents and challenges of research.



Planning of Research

Proposal done on research methods, number of respondents, schedule based on objectives and client's issues.

    Approx. 1 week for planning



Arrangement of Research Halls

Apart from our private interview room, other venues could be chosen based on budget and needs.



Development of Interview (flow, guide)

Will be made respondent-friendly based on research topic.


Selection of respondents (Recruiting)

Respondents clearing all requirements will be carefully selected.
Note: Selection may take longer for more complex requirements.

    Average of 1-2 weeks of recruiting



Calling respondents

Meeting point on the day of research will be communicated to respondents beforehand.



Arrangement of Interpreters

Arrangements will be done on demand for clients wishing to observe the interview in language other than Japanese.



Arrangement of Secretaries

For Transcripting.


Welcoming and Guiding of Respondents on the day of research



Set up and Preparation of Interview Hall

Name cards, research materials, etc.



Meals and beverage

Light meals and beverage will be prepared upon request.



Respondents will be interviewed based on the prepared flow. Additional questions are possible, time permitting.

    Actual research could last from half a day to several days
    (differ according to number of respondents and scheduled hours)




Recorded materials will come in handy to review the entire interview. Available on demand.

    Note: To protect respondents' private information, recorded materials will
    not be provided for clients to keep.



Fee payment to Respondents

To thank for their contribution.


Arrangement of Transcripts

Will be made to record highlights of the interview. Could choose between a short simple version completed during the same day of research, or a edited version showing details, which takes few days until delivery.

    Submitted few days after research



Summary & Analysis

Report will be made based on research objectives. Simplified summary report of interview will be submitted a day after the research. Detailed report with various analysis of research is also available.

    Submitted approx. 2 weeks after research

Sample Costs

Cost of Qualitative research may vary according to the number and pre-requirements of respondents, numbers of groups, venue, and duration of interview.

  • Please note that below sample may differ from the actual cost.

  • CBR gives total support on Qualitative research from planning to analysis. Supporting clients from the planning phase enables to take responsibility in development of questionnaire in line with objectives, and selection of respondents, creating the basis of a highly efficient research. Requests only on moderation or on venue and moderation are also welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

Below 200,000JPY
Below 500,000JPY
Below 1,000,000JPY
Above 1,000,000JPY
1 group interview for 2 hours
1 group interview for 2 hours
2 group interview for 2 hours
1-on-1 interview with over 10 respondents, or group interview with more than 3 groups

(Weekdays AM/PM)

(Weekdays AM/PM)

(Weekdays PM only)

(Including weekends and nighttime)

(Low pre-requirement)

(High pre-requirement)

(High pre-requirement)
No. of Respondents
Below 6
Below 6
Below 12
Above 10

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